Monday, April 16, 2012

Don't Be That Awkward Runner: RUN TECH!!

Run Tech Workshop: This Saturday, April 21st!

Have you seen this video yet? Or, more importantly...have you seen yourself on video yet? Don't be that awkward runner lol!

Join me this Saturday for a 2-hour workshop that will give you the tools to improve your technique, run smarter, faster and with a lower risk for injury. Registration deadline is Wednesday so sign up asap if you want to secure your spot!

Here are the deets!

" Overall it was a super workshop. The video analysis definitely helped me the most, and I am finding it very easy to integrate the drills into my runs." -Kim

The secret to running faster and further is training smarter not just harder. Making simple changes to technique, strength, flexibility, and program design will help you reach a new level of performance.

This specialized workshop is designed for runners who want to improve their running efficiency and take their performance to a new level. All runners from beginners to elite athletes as well as coaches and trainers will benefit from this workshop.

2-Hour Workshop Includes:

Biomechanical Video Analysis of your Running Technique
Introduction to Biomechanics of Running & Mid-Foot Running Technique
Introduction to Barefoot Running-Why? & How?
Specific drills to strengthen and train efficient running technique
Personalized Exercise Prescription to address muscular imbalances and improve running efficiency, strength and speed
ELM Running Clinic Manual, Individual Analysis Results & Video link

Next Session: Spring 2012
Date: April 21st, Saturday
Time: 9:30am-12noon
Deadline: April 18th
Prerequisite: Interest in improving running technique. This workshop will be technique focused with 50% lecture and 50% drill work. No distance running or minimal running ability required- all levels welcome!
Instructor: Sarah Seads, BA Kinesiology, BCAK, BCRPA, CSEP, NCCP

Members: $70
Non Members: $85

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