Friday, April 13, 2012

5 Reasons Why You Should Join ELM for a Spring Fitness Adventure


The birds are singing, the sky is turning amazing shades of blue, pink and orange, and a beautiful Friday awaits us! I LOVE spring:) I think I must have been a bulb in another life...

ELM's Spring Fitness Adventures kick off on MONDAY of next week and today is the final day to register for the April Session of classes. Still sitting on the fence about how to spend your fitness resources? Time, money, energy, spandex? Well here is a pro-list to help you make up your mind!

5 Reasons Why You Should Join ELM for a Spring Fitness Adventure!

1. The POWER of a group is undeniable. Group energy can buoy you and push you forward when you think you are already finished. Hearing your name cheered or receiving a Hi-5 just when you need it most can push you onward and upward towards new levels of strength that you didn't think you were capable of. The ELM family is full of hi-energy, positive, kind and amazing people. I am blown away every day by the power of the ELM family.

2. Accountability. Hands down one of the BIGGEST motivators out there. Accountability is one of the top 3 secrets to long term success for the majority of people. Knowing that someone is waiting for you to show up for your workout/run/class is often all the motivation you will need to get there. And getting there each day is the hardest step you will take on your fitness journey. Your ELM family and your ELM instructor will be looking forward to seeing you every class and wonder where you are if you don't make it! That is motivation!

3. Fresh Ideas! Bored with your workout? ELM classes are never boring! Joining a group fitness program takes the pressure off of you to come up with inspiring workout ideas. You just show up and work out! Life is full of decisions and sometimes it seems daunting to make one more about what you are going to do for your workout. An ELM Fitness Adventure will take care of that and give you a toolbox of ideas you can use in the future.

4. Beautiful Scenery! Get out of the gym and let mother nature distract you for a few hours a week! ELM's spring Fitness Adventures take place in the most inspiring outdoor locations around the Comox Valley and you will never be disappointed with the scenery. Breathe fresh clean Valley air, let the sun warm you, listen to the sounds of nature rather than the guy on the elliptical next to you for a change. Running in the trails or trekking stairs at Goose Spit seem that much easier than doing time on the stair climber or treadmill:)

5. New YOU by June. Burn body fat, strengthen muscles, master technique, build power, strength and stamina and reveal a new body this summer. ELM's Fitness Adventures will push your body and your mind to challenge what you thought you were capable of. You will discover a new YOU that is healthier, more vital and mentally stronger by the start of summer. And THAT is worth every penny.

Need another reason to join ELM for a Fitness Adventure this spring?


That's right, at ELM FUN COMES FIRST because we know that laughter makes everything easier, including hill repeats:)

Check out the ELM 2011 Fitness Adventure Video for some more inspiration! Not sure which ELM program is for you? Wondering if you are ready for ELM Fitness Bootcamp? Please send me an email or drop me a line today as I would love to answer your questions!

Hope to see you soon!



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