Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Challenging Workout for You & FULL ON Challenge

Happy Tuesday!

Hope you had a hoppy easter but you didn't create too big of a calorie surplus with all that chocolate that was hiding here there and everywhere...

In a minute I am going to post a workout that you can do anywhere, anytime without much equipment. It is a hard one that will challenge both your strength, endurance and cardio. Just ask my Sunrise Bootcamp recruits from this mornings class if you see them around town. But first...

Spring is here and it is time to take a serious look at your fitness & weight goals...are you where you want to be? Or are you struggling to stay on track and press on to the next level?

Do you want to make some specific changes to your fitness?
Increase your upper body strength? Target your core? Build leg power?

Do you want to clean up your eating?
Create a nutrition plan? Clean out the cupboards of crap and fill your body with the amazing nutrition it craves and needs?

Do you want to lose body fat? Lose inches and excess pounds? Expose toned muscles and free your body from excess storage?

If you are ready to make changes, stick to a plan and get the results you need (I sound like an infomercial but I am serious!!) then you will want to check out our Spring Full On Fitness & Nutrition Challenge.

Starting next week, you can join the 10-week Challenge and begin remodeling your body, your health and your nutrition. Check out the Challenge details and email me if you have any questions...or if you are ready to get started! I hope you will join me for this amazing journey this spring!!

A Challenging Workout for YOU!
This is a great workout for building strength, endurance, cardio AND burning calories. Enjoy!
Warm up 10 minutes easy jogging, range of motion exercises.

Circuit #1
Complete the first exercise, then run 150 meters. Complete 3 sets of each exercise and sprint before moving onto the next. (Total of 9 sprints by the end)
Burpee Push Ups *5
Split Squat Jumps- back knee to the floor * 10 each leg
Box Jumps (to bench seat or onto step easier) * 10

Circuit #2
Complete the following 3 exercises back to back- followed by 100 skips including a minimum of 10 double skips (1 attempt every 10). No skipping rope? Back to the sprints or run the stairs for 75 seconds. Complete 3 rounds with 30 seconds between sets.
1 Arm Push Ups (incline easier) *10 each arm
Full range Pull Ups (assisted with a step or jump up easier) * 10
Power Dips (or regular dips easier)* 10

Core Set
Finish with 2 core exercises back to back 2 sets with 30 seconds between sets:
7 ups- *15
In Out Abs (upper and lower ab cruches) * 15

Stretch out your tired body!


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