Sunday, September 19, 2010


Thats right...we are heading to Lake Titicaca tomorrow for a few days at one of the highest lakes in the world...if we have time we will also go visit the deepest canyon in the world Colca canyon.

After that we return to this wonderful city of Cusco for a night before heading to the Jungle for a few days of wildlife encounters!

Today we spent the day visiting the Sacred valley towns...i got to play tour guide for Brad at a few of the amazing Inca sites as i had visited them on my own tour last week. My highlight was visiting a womens weaving centre...unbelievable...beautiful ancient weaving traditions...smiling and laughing women...making a good living for themselves and keeping their culture alive...Chinchero - dont miss it if you are in Cusco.

Photos are not happening...way too much time! You will have to wait until I get home...

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