Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Hola from Peru!
WOW what a journey. We have just completed the most amazing 7 day trek through the Andes...words cannot explain where we have been, what we have seen, and the emotions we have experienced on this trek. We have travelled up, over and around many many mountains...we have trekked day after day in hot sun and harsh valley wind...we have spent 7 days trekking at altitudes from 3000-4700 metres without a break...we have overcome altitude sickness...we have climbed up and down thousands of metres, thousands of stone stairs and we have travelled 90kms on our own 2 feet.

We have also stood in wonder under a night sky unlike any other...awoken at the foot of a mighty, snowy, ´Savage´mountain known as Salkantay...washed our faces in ice cold mountain rivers...shed tears of joy and hollered cheers of encouragement atop a 4700 metre pass...we have witnessed sunrise and sunset from the Andean mountains...we have laughed to tears over hot cups of coca tea in our tents...we have been everywhere man...

We have just had the best showers (and cold beer) of our lives and now we are getting ready to celebrate once more together at dinner at Inka Terra Machu Picchu (google it). Tomorrow we get up early once more to return to Machu Picchu for sunrise...

We have a few more days together to share laughter and stories and create more memories together before the end of the trip. I feel so grateful to be here sharing this journey with such an amazing group of women. I am so PROUD of them all!

Hasta luego amigos!

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Lynn Swift said...

Sarah , I'm so excited for you. I have tears in my eyes. Congrats to all the ladies and the memories of a liftime!