Thursday, February 14, 2008

Seal Bay Park is the BEST

Hurray for Seal Bay Park!
I had a great time this past weekend playing in the trails of Seal Bay Park. It doesn't matter how many times I have been in SBP (and I can tell you it has been quite a few) I always leave rejuvinated and inspired by this magical forest. Check out my recent article on the ELM homepage for more info on great trails in this popular park... And be sure to go to the regional district website for a map that you can print off and use to explore new territory in the park. I always manage to find new trails every time I go!

Saturday I ran from my home to the park via the Mitchell road entrance then made my way downhill to the beach-about an hour from my house...a short beach run gave me an amazing ocean view and led me to the base of the ' MIGHTY RAVINE' ( some of you know what I am talking about) where I paced my way up the 400m incline one switch back at a time. Then it was all the way back up to the top/west side of the Park for a couple of loops to the Fitzel Road entrance, where my 'knights in shining armour' -Brad and Yuki- met me for a cooldown and a hitch home:) Nearly 2 hours and never a dull moment. The IPOD playlist that made it all happen...priceless:: Madonna Confessions of a Dancefloor...don't laugh it has a super good beat! And of course a few of my other faves::Fleetwood Mac...the "Young Folks" song with the contageous whistle...and that great one from KOS- Crabs in the Bucket...I could listen to those over and over...and I am right now actually:)

Sunday was a girls ride from my house on a similar route to Seal Bay Park...just couldn't get enough so asked Pascale and Barb to join me for more SBP. The trails are super fun for fast non-technical x-country riding and we had a great time ripping along the outer 'horse-bike' loop. On the way home I convinced the girls to follow me on a short cut back to my place...ended up in knee deep black gooey-sticktoyourgumboot mud. Well...Pascale did anyways:) 2.5 hours later and it was home for a hot showers and blueberry wholewheat pancakes!

What will this weekend bring?

Stay tuned for photos from our Members SNOWSHOE EVENT this Saturday at Coastal Trek Lodge!! Can't wait:)

Happy Valentines...better get back to my deathbychocolate brownies:)


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