Friday, August 5, 2016

Run BC Project 2016 Day 5: Nakusp Hot Springs Trail

Day 1: Keystone Standard Basin Trail: Revelstoke
Nakusp Hot Springs trail is 50 shades of green.

Run BC Project Day 5: Nakusp Hot springs Trail

Distance: Entire trail from parking to Nakusp Hot springs is 8.5kms one way.  We ran out and back for time, but you could run one way, out to the Hot springs ($ required to enter this facility fyi) and set up a shuttle scenario, or run out have a soak and then run back.  Would be an awesome bike ride as well.
Elevation: Map says 100m gain (hahah!) we ran 5.2kms each way and racked up 300m on our out and back. 
Terrain: Undulating forest path.  No major climbs or technical terrain.  Shaded forest all the way.
Map: Nakusp Trails
Bring: Bear spray (grizzly country!), camera, bathing suit and $ for the hot springs and emergency communication device such as the Delorme inReach (no cell service).

Ready for another day of adventures- we absolutely LOVE this Icebreaker hoodie!
We spent our final night at the Halcyon Hot springs Resort in a couple of lovely, rustic cabins above Arrow Lake.  We had a relaxing evening of lake dipping, hot springs soaking and beverage sipping before enjoying a fine dinner at the resort restaurant, The Kingfisher.  
Good times with the Run BC crew in our matching Icebreaker uniforms!
The next morning, we drove towards Nakusp for our finale run on the historic Hot springs trail.  Our final run was a short one as the ladies would need to travel home to the mainland and the Island after we wrapped up our adventure.  And so, we ran out and back towards the Nakusp Hot springs on the old Kuskanax Creek, Nakusp Hot springs trail on a time based adventure to ensure we hit the road on time.
Another day, another trail head...
The trail undulates through a beautiful mixed hemlock and cedar forest which provide shade and shelter the entire way.  History whispers in the woods and it is easy to let your imagination wander to the stories of early days. From the Nakusp Trails website:
"In the 30's and 40's, pack horse caravans met tourists at the docks in Nakusp and spirited them away to soak in the hairspring's famous mineral waters."

Into the wild we go
At the 5km mark on the trail, a pioneer resting station has been recreated and includes a hitching post and benches to help you imagine how it may have been nearly 100 years ago.  
This is a lush forest trail, loaded with wild plants and countless shades of green.  A refreshing oasis from the exposure of the alpine and a great way to access the hot springs, just as they had been reached in days gone by.
The end:)

Happy Trails!
Icebreaker socks rule.

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