Thursday, September 3, 2015

Hike Mount Albert Edward

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New Adventure up on The Outbound Collective!  Read on for details on hiking the striking, Mount Albert Edward.

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Such a looker.

Mount Albert Edward is hard to miss.  If you have ever driven up to Mount Washington you will remember the unique profile of this mountain to the west of Raven Lodge.  Its long drawn out scree ridge ends dramatically in a ski jump style peak before falling off into the abyss below.  The Grinch himself would surely be proud to call this summit home.  Mount Albert Edward is one of only 16 peaks belonging to 2000m+ club on Vancouver Island.  At 2093m, it is the 6th tallest peak on the Island and it stands guard at the eastern entrance of Strathcona Provincial Park.

Subalpine paradise
If you are ready to venture into the back country and climb your first peak, Mount Albert Edward may be just what you are looking for.  Merely 16kms from the Paradise Meadows trailhead on Mount Washington, AE is the perfect way to enter the world of summitting Strathcona Park peaks.  Most hikers take at least 2-3 days to summit AE and set up camp at either Circlet or Kwai Lakes.  There are lovely overnight use areas along the edge of these pristine lakes, with tent pads designed to keep wear and tear to a minimum.  If you don't get any farther than camping at the lakes, you will still get to enjoy an unforgettable sub alpine wilderness experience.  It is approximately twenty kilometres round trip to Circlet, with the option of adding loops to visit the other nearby lakes.  A trek into Circlet is a magical introduction to back country adventure.  With such easy access, there are always other hikers in the area and this can be comforting for those new to back country camping.

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