Friday, November 21, 2014

Videos: Weekend Film Fest!

Howwwwdy!  It's Friday Folks can I get a yeehaw?!

I'm back with a few fantastic videos that will most definitely inspire you on your quest for health, adventure and pure vida!  The final video is a a 30 minute film that is more than worth your time and I promise you it will leave you inspired (if not ready to sign up for a 100 miles lol;). 

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Catching Kayla -ESPN.  
I am literally wiping tears off my face as I write this so be warned!  This is a remarkable little video and a very powerful reminder that our bodies are a gift, not a given.  Don't waste a day...
So sorry but the video will not embed...technical difficulties on this will actually have to lift a finger and 'click the link' to watch this awesome video.  Go can do it...I'm cheering for you...

Your Land - The North Face.  
Thanks to the Adventure Blog for sharing this one.  Folky but a goody.  Some awesome shots of some of our favourite outdoor adventures.  Pardon the US of A version of what I always thought was a Canadian tune lol;)

Western Time: A Western States 100 Story.  Now for the main event... Do you wonder what 100 miles looks like?  This awesome short film captures the energy, emotion and environment at the longest running 100mile race- the Western States 100.  Follow Sally McCrae on her personal journey.  Whether you plan to walk 1 mile or run 100miles this weekend this really is a great film for the whole family on a Friday night! Sit back...and enjoy!  Im going to watch it again:)

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