Friday, August 1, 2014

Videos: Friday Film Fest- Inspiration

Happy Friday...again!
Here are a few video's that I hope will inspire you to dig a little deeper and climb a littler higher this weekend...ready..set...go!

Women of the Mountains.  Help 'Kickstart' this documentary about women who live, train and compete in the mountains by overcoming obstacles.  Looks like it will be very inspiring and take viewers to some beautiful spots on the globe.   Thanks to the Adventure Blog for sharing this.

Vancouver Island in timelapse by Gavin Hardcastle.  Islanders will swell with pride and gratitude after watching this spectacular series of timelapse scenes on VI.  We really do live in the most beautiful place on earth.  But don't share this with too many of your friends who live out east...remember... "it always rains out here"...;)  Thank you to the Adventure Blog for sharing our little paradise!

The Lion and the Gazelle.  Arc'teryx promo video featuring ultrarunner, Joe Grant.  A wee bit cheesy but the scenery and fluid running are inspiring!  Lately I have been feeling like the Gazelle - with long solo runs in the mountains and close encounters with mama bears and even a cougar this year... How about you?  Lion or Gazelle?

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