Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Perseverance Adventure Running!

Equilibrium Lifestyle Management’s (ELM) next session of ‘Adventure TrailRunning

kicks off Thursday, September 4th with 8 weeks of fantastic fall trail running. This is the 3rd and final session of the 2014 ELM ‘Adventure Running’ series and the clinic will feature a specific training plan to prepare racers for the 'Perseverance 10k' Trail Run on October 26th in Cumberland.

ELM'Adventure Running' is a fun and challenging training clinic that combines trail running, hill climbing, speed play and navigation all into one great training session. The weekly coached clinic is led by Sarah Seads and her team of experienced run clinic leaders. Each session includes group coaching to improve trail running skills such as efficient technique, technical trail speed and hill climbing and descending.

This clinic is perfect for trail runners looking to ‘bust a gut’, adventure racers wanting to practice their navigation and road runners that want to push themselves to new 'heights'. Each week, pace groups will be available for novice (45/60mins) and experienced (75/90mins) runners.

All ELM running clinics include weekly coached group training sessions, a detailed weekly training program, ELM Running Clinic Manual and weekly education sessions from the coach! 
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