Monday, April 21, 2014

Videos: Weekend Film Fest!

It's Monday, I know.  The weekend Film Fest video's are a wee bit late.  But, you understand.  It's a long weekend and things are moving a bit slower around here:).  Here are some lovely low key videos to help you (and me) transition from 4 days off to 4 days is good:)

 The Running Connection from Mountain Hardware c/o The Adventure Blog.  MH top trail running athletes talk from the heart about what a run in the trails means to them...great video to get you thinking about why YOU love the trails:)

The Trip by Darcy Turenne.  Congrats to BC girl Darcy Turenne for winning the 72hr Filmaker Showdown in Whistler this month!  This short film was shot in one single take- amazing when you think about it.  Enjoy the trip...

THE TRIP - Winner 72Hr Filmmaker Showdown WSSF 2014 from Darcy Turenne on Vimeo.

Alaska in Full Technicolour.  Big screen this one:)  Sit back, relax, it's all gonna be ok... c/o The Adventure Blog.

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