Sunday, April 13, 2014

Videos: Film Fest!

It's movie time! 
You may have noticed I took a break last week (ok ok I completely forgot) so hopefully you are itching for your Film Fest!  Here is a random assortment of dirt, sweat and adventure to inspire you (and make you laugh) on your next adventure!
Enjoy!  Then...get outside!

Spoof on Adventure Films by and c/o The Adventure Blog.  Couldn't get the video to embed for this one so you just need to click the link...come can do little's worth it if you have seen those same gnarly adventure ski/bike/climb videos a few to many times... and if you could use a giggle today:)

'Klunking' circa 1975 from Evening Magazine and c/o NSMB.  Hands down this is the best mt. biking video I have seen all year!  Check out the roots of mountain biking and go old school with the boys of Cali - this footage is absolutely priceless:)

Drankensberg Grand Traverse.  Ryan Sandes and Ryno Griesel have done it...after all the hype they successfully completed their goal: From Sentinel car park in the north to Bushman’s Nek Border Post in the south, it’s roughly 220 kilometres across the main range – a trek that takes a strong hiker anywhere between six to 10 days to complete. Ryan Sandes and Ryno Griesel ran it in less than two days. To rightfully claim the title, they had to travel on foot, carrying all their own gear, without receiving any form of support along the way.  Great clip to give you a feel for it...

Claudia Clement Downhill MTB video c/o Mountain Biking For Women.  Great scenery and great riding to get you stoked to go outside (and ride) today!

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