Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Journey Bar Review

I have eaten a few bars over the years as a way to fuel my human wheels in the woods.  If you are reading this blog you probably know that I am constantly testing and trying new recipes for my own home made, healthy versions of mobile fuel as well.  You may even have a copy of my NRG: Foods that will move you cookbook.  If not, you can get one from the ELM online store in a matter of minutes hint hint;).  This winter I hit a wall with sweet stuff after years of sickly sweet stuff during my rides and runs and so I came up with a few new savory energy bar options for the recent edition of NRG.  They were trail tested and approved by my training buddies who also enjoyed a break from the tiring sweetness of most packaged energy bars, balls, bites, chews, bits and the like. Too be honest of my favorite un-sweet energy snacks is actually left over sushi with a bit of soy sauce - OMG, they even come wrapped in their own little packages:). Pure energy to go!

I searched and searched for savory bars online, in stores and well, everywhere... You would think with half of people being 'savory' and half being 'sweet' that there would be a lot more of them...hello producers!  Huge market to fill out there! 

I did find one brand online with a solid line up of flavors to choose from-Journey Bars.  I ordered a box that included a variety of flavors and forced my friends to eat them during rides and runs:)  Some were definitely better than others- but we all had different personal tastes of course.  Some of the bars were hard and some were chewy- to be honest the hard ones were really dry and it was like eating biscotti. Just imagine trying that during a run or ride...cough cough.  But the chewy ones were the perfect texture for eating on the go and went down easy.  They were also very light which made them easy to digest.  There are a range of flavors that you can check out on their site- again personal preference.  But I really enjoyed the Sesame Ginger flavor the best.

Would I buy them again?  Yes!  The chewy style in the Sesame Ginger & Sea Salt flavors for sure.  No to Rosemary and Curry- but depends on your taste buds!  I always prefer to make my own homemade bars but I would keep a box of these in the cupboard as a 'plan b' for sure!  Tasty and very wholesome for packaged fuel.

They are gluten free, non-gmo, vegan and soy free and don't contain any crazy preservatives. Check out the ingredients list and let me know what you think! Would you eat these?  Have you ever come across any other savory energy bars?  Have a favorite home made recipe?  Please share!

inspired by the healthy cuisines of japan, toasted sesame is blended with whole grains to create a mild and warm flavor, while a hint of ginger is used to add freshness. you’ll find this flavor truly delightful!

ingredients: whole grain and seed blend (gluten-free oats, organic buckwheat, sesame seeds), organic tapioca syrup, almonds, whole ancient grain crisps (amaranth, quinoa, brown rice), pea protein isolate, vegetable glycerin, non-gmo canola oil, plum puree, water, pumpkin, chicory root, sea salt, natural flavor, baking soda, onion powder, garlic powder, citric acid, spices.  CONTAINS: almonds, sesame

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