Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tight Hamstrings?

(note: i do NOT recommend that you google funny flexibility photos...oh lord)

Tight hamstrings?  Calves?  Hips?  Shoulders?  Chest?  Back?  Neck? 

Not YOU, of course.  But perhaps you know someone who does?  If so, please feel free to share this post with them;)

Flexibility isn't just for side shows and show offs.  Why do most of us need to include it in our daily and weekly fitness regimes?  I am sure you have an answer to that- stretch out tight muscles! 

But ... why?

Correct muscular imbalances...over tight/short muscles pull on joints creating a tug of war, potentially pulling the body out of optimal alignment.  'So what?  Who cares about that?'

Your body does!  This sets you up for injury as your body struggles to do what you ask of it while in a compromised're putting it in 'an awkward situation' so to speak;)  Want to lay down the hammer during the homestretch of that 8k?  Go for it!  Then listen as your short hamstring rips before your very ears...

Ask not what your body can do for you, I say...but what you can do for your body!

'So what?  I don't care if I get injured.'  - said, no one, ever...but let's just play along.

OK- but do you want to run faster?  jump higher?  throw further?  Yeah, I'll bet you do.

Well forget about it man!  Short tight muscles limit the range of motion you can create about a joint.  And that = a decrease in your performance.  Greater range of motion means greater speed, power and force potential.  If you don't do anything else to your training except lengthen tight muscles- you WILL see an improvement in your performance.

Want to run faster?  Well, sorry, your short little hamstrings will only let you cover so much ground with each step.  So, instead you better do more interval workouts and add more mileage to your training plan...what, too busy?  hate speed work?  Well, then...I suggest you STRETCH! 

OK all jokes aside....I'm serious!

What are you doing on Thursday nights from 7-8pm?  If it isn't stretching or yoga then saddle on up and join us for Yoga for Athletes starting this week, November 8th!


Running & Yoga...the perfect combination.

Complement your fall & winter training runs with a relaxing yoga session designed specifically for athletes with tight muscles! Lengthen and tone muscles, improve core and postural strength, focus on deep breathing techniques, and enjoy a serene moment in your busy life. This class is the perfect compliment to any fitness enthusiasts training program. Runners, bikers, hikers and other adventurers will not want to miss this rejuvenating weekly yoga practice.
*Option to come for Need for Speed Running Clinic as well.

Part 1:: November 8-December 13th
Part 2:: January 3 - February 7th
Time 7:05-8:00pm
Prerequisite: None!
Instructor: Bryan Hill


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