Thursday, November 29, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Workout

Sounds innocent enough, right?  HA!  Try this holiday inspired workout next time you need some motivation to put away a good hard effort.   

This morning we wrapped up the fall session of Sunrise Bootcamp with this 12 Days of Christmas Workout.  We used all body weight exercises but you could swap in exercises with free weights, bars, balls bands etc.  The sky is the limit, really.  Just be sure to include a few of your least favorite exercises to get your moneys worth, of course;)

Congrats to my ELM Sunrise Bootcamp recruits for finishing the fall session with a bang!  I hope our post workout celebration was worth every moment of pain:)

We have added 13 new classes to the ELM December Calendar- so be sure to join us for some fun and challenging fitness leading up to Christmas break!

12 Days of Christmas Workout
Complete each exercise acumulatively...just like the song!  On the first day of la la...adding onto the previous exercises each and every time... until you reach the 12th day and do them all one final  time:).

1 Run 200 metres
2 Burpee Push Ups
3 Plank Ups - go from low plank to high plank 3 times
4 In Out Abs (upper and lower lift together)
5 50 Jump Ropes
6 Forward Frog Squat Jumps
7 Power Dips- explode up!
8 See Saw Planks- move body forward and back to start
9 Split Squat Jumps (lunge, jump and switch legs...9 each side)
10 Sky Reaches (on back feet in the air reach to opposite foot...10 each side)
11 Side Plank Lifts (on side on hand or forearm and feet, drop hips down and up 11 each side)
12 Knee Tuck Jumps (jump both legs together, bringing knees as close to chest as possible)

Happy Holidays from ELM!

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