Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Black Bear Brownies...Teaser...

Those look yummy don't they? Well they taste even better AND are waaaaaay healthier for you than they look! 

Watch for the recipe coming soon...I am making them right now...

But first...I want to fill you in on a little change on Facebook that is having a BIG impact on you...

Not sure if you know, but Facebook has made some changes that limit how fan pages are viewed.  You know, you LIKED all your favourite pages on Facebook and so you expect to see updates from them on your main home page right?  Wrong.  They are only showing updates to a limited audience and you may not be getting them.  You can change this and still get all of the updates from your favourite pages - with a few steps and a few clicks to update your settings. 

This food blogger explains the steps really well here so be sure to check it out- and check out 'Whole New Mom' which is a great blog for healthy recipes! ... Please take a quick second to change your settings in Facebook so that you can get ELM updates...and awesome the Black Bear Brownies...soon to come... and trust me, you don't want to miss this one:)


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