Wednesday, May 30, 2012

MOMAR...Ready or not!

OK I just watched the MOMAR Burnaby race video from 2011 and I am starting to get excited...

I have been in 'ankle healing, baby my body, be careful, no rush, take it easy' mode for SOOOOO long now that it has been pretty hard to wrap my brain around RACING.  10 months of rest and recovery have completely changed my focus from 'push harder!' to 'be careful!'.  On Monday, I confirmed my spot in MOMAR at the last minute, after my ankle gave me the green, well yellow, light to race this weekend.  It seems to be saying, you go ahead and give it a little push and see what happens.  Now I just have to get my head in the game!  3 sleeps until MOMAR...time to switch to race mode...and quick lol!   I had better read my own article about Preparing for MOMAR Race Day!  It says something silly about getting organized early...
Here is the race video from last years Burnaby race...we had an awesome time with a great crew of ELM friends road tripping from the Valley.  Great race day, great podium finishes for all, followed by a great night celebrating with friends.  Here's hoping this years race will be just as awesome!

Here we come Burnaby...ready or not LOL!

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