Friday, December 30, 2011

Holiday Workout

Hola Amigos!

Here is a holiday inspired workout that you can do anywhere, in less than an hour, without any special equipment. It will be hard, fun, entertaining and push your mental strength. My fastest Sunrise Bootcamp recruits completed the circuit in 35minutes with others closer to 50. This is the perfect way to finish 2011 and burn some calories before your New Years celebrations tomorrow night:). Warm up, workout, drink water and stretch after...enjoy!

12 Days of Christmas

(my Christmas gift to you:)

Complete each exercise accumulatively...just like the song! On the first day of la la... until you reach the 12th day and do them all one more time:)

1 Run 200 metres

2 Burpee Push Ups

3 Pull Ups

4 Plank Feet Jumps (wide/narrow, bum down!)

5 50 Jump Ropes

6 Forward Frog Squat Jumps

7 In Out Abs (upper and lower together)

8 Upright Rows (no equipment- do tricep push ups)

9 Split Squat Jumps (lunge, jump and switch legs...9 each side)

10 Sky Reaches (on back feet in the air reach to opposite foot...10 each side)

11 Side Plank Lifts (on side on hand or forearm and feet, drop hips down and up 11 each side)

12 Knee Tuck Jumps (jump both legs together, bringing knees as close to chest as possible)

Happy Holidays from ELM!


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