Monday, December 12, 2011

December days

Hello and Happy Monday!
It has been a great week and I have been busy busy with lot's of fun events in between ELM classes and clients.

How is your December challenge going anyways? Building your strength? Bumping up your cardio? What will your fitness look like on January 1st? There is still plenty of time to take your own challenge...

I was honoured to be invited to present at TEDx Comox Valley last Thursday night at North Island College. To be honest, I had no idea 'who' Ted was when I was first invited- but after a quick google search I figured it out pretty quick. What an amazing movement this is! It was so awesome to be part of the local event and amongst such interesting and community focused people. I am so looking forward to the next event and helping to spread the word in the Comox Valley.

The crazy part was how many directions your emotions were stretched over the course of 2 hours. Because the topics and speakers were so wildly varied, so were our emotions. One minute my brain hurt (Self Sustaining Entropy), the next I was belly laughing (Ruth Masters), the next my heart ached (Stage One Drug Trials in Canada) and finally, my spirit was filled up and lifted (Sarah Hagan classical piano). WOW. What a night! You can read more about the speakers from the event here...

Setting up 'props' for our west cost theme on the stage... you can just catch a glimps of my Peregrine Precision Works long board and land paddle to the left of the stage!

Sharing my ideas about Human Potential and the Power of the Mind with an inspiring story of perseverance about my friend Al Bergman. Such an amazing man who we can all draw strength from.

Bootcamp has been under cold & clear skies which is the best weather we can ask for in December!! The sky is the limit and our recruits have been having fun and working hard on getting stronger, faster and healthier with every workout! We are running 7 extra classes this month so be sure to drop in on us for some pre-holiday, shortbread blasting workouts!

Calm before the storm, sunrise recruits channel their energy before another round of sprints!

'Mr. Barry Fit'! Be sure to check out the Odlum Brown Gingerbread & Bears Village up at Crown Isle this week! All proceeds from the silent auction go to support the local Boys and Girls Club:) You have to go check it smells sooooo good in there:)

Looks like snow in the forecast so all you ski bunnies better wax up your boards and skiis! I will be pulling out my snowshoes this weekend if we get the dump they are calling for!

Until then...the trails are dry and clear and we have perfect winter biking and running conditions! My favourite winter weather! Only 2 weeks until the days start getting longer...

Happy Trails,


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Catherine F said...

Wow! Congratulations Sarah! I didn't know about the TED talks either until you mentioned it, and now I'm blown away!