Wednesday, October 5, 2011

MOMAR Post Volunteer Report

MOMAR has come and gone and the quiet village of Cumberland is settling into fall once again. Sad but true I have missed my hometown MOMAR two years in a row now! Last year for fantastic reasons- a trip of a lifetime to Peru with 12 amazing women. This year for not so fantastic reasons- a mystery ankle injury that has sidelined me from running for more than 2 months now. Fracture? Cartilage tear? Xray, CT scan, specialists and soon an MRI and an orthopod surgeon - but the scans seem to have provided more questions than answers up to this point. Of course, time will tell and I will heal. So I must move from focusing on a diagnosis to putting my energy into healing and moving forward. When I can finally run again, it will be the most beautiful gift in the world:)

I have had so many awesome bonus experiences thrown my way as a result of my inability to run - interesting how that works. More time connecting with loved ones, more biking, kayaking and relaxing, actually. I even went golfing for the 2nd time in my life last Sunday. Well...I wouldn't call that an 'awesome' experience but it was a great way to spend time with my Dad:)

When I had to pull out of MOMAR I had the bonus opportunity to join the volunteer team to help out as an assistant course co-ordinator. It was a great chance to give back to this fantastic race that has given me SO much over the past many many years. It was also a great peek behind the scenes to see this well-oiled MOMAR machine in action!

The best part about volunteering was getting to see the race course maps before the racers LOL! I felt so sneaky knowing the course and knowing what the racers were in for on race day. Very fun to be on the 'other side' for once!

The other amazing part was being on course to see every single racer come by. I had the chance to cheer on, cheer up, and push on the racers who needed it. And I got to see my ELM friends in action on the course! I am usually selfishly racing and in my own world so this was an awesome opportunity to support my clients and friends when they needed it most- on the way UP to CP 11!

Volunteers make the world go around and these races are no exception. Without the time, energy and passion of volunteers these events could not happen. Volunteers put in long hours, and there is no glory and no bragging rights to go along with them. Volunteers at the MOMAR are rewarded greatly for their time however- with swag, food and the post event dinner and dancing:). If you aren't up for racing in your next community event you should consider volunteering- it is a great way to spend the day! And a little good Kharma never hurts:)

ELM Fearless Run Leaders hydrating at pre-race registration at the Riding Fool Hostel in Cumby.

First place overall and winner of many many many overall titles, Todd Nowak, riding up to CP 11 on the Endurance course...up to Bear Buns for a fun ride back down:)

Mr MOMAR? Superhero spotted on the bike course!

ELM Fearless Leaders Too (right) with a fantastic 3rd place finish in their first adventure race! These two gals had the fastest OVERALL trek time of all the teams in the Sport Course! Woohoo!

Valley girl and ELM Fearless Leader, Genevieve (centre), easily snags 1st solo female with an amazing 4th place overall finish time!

Congrats to all of this years MOMAR racers! Complete results and hundreds of race photos can be found on the MOMAR website.

See you next year MOMAR!!

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