Friday, October 14, 2011

Awesome Stuff

Not sure what I like more: the long weekend or the short week:) Thanksgiving weekend brought sunshine, good food, belly laughs and great visits with my family. It was an awesome is some of that awesomeness...

Learning to Long board.
Woah! Check out these awesome new long boards from from brother in law, Derek Frechette, of Peregrine Precision Works in Kelowna! Derek suprised us with a custom set of handcrafted longboards complete with ELM anniversary logos and...the paddles! Derek has created a dry land version of 'Stand up Paddle Boarding' -meets long boarding with these 'land paddles' and they are going to blow your mind!

I am so stoked about the awesomeness of my new long I just need to learn how to ride it! Watch for Brad and I paddling around town and stay tuned for details on how you can have one of your own made especially for you...

Apple Awesomeness
Since winning a ribbon at the 'Cumberland Pie of the Year Contest' I am officially in charge of apple pie for Thankgiving dinner. And thanks to my bud Kathy C, I had a massive pile of juicy local apples to work with on Thanksgiving weekend so I got busy making pies and more pies! I turned out about 10 pies this weekend but I couldn't have done it without 2 key ingredients:
1. My sister in law Catherine!
2. This awesome apple peeler corer slicer gadget from Lee Valley tools! WOW! After borrowing this and realizing how much faster (3 times) it is than peeling by hand, I got online and ordered one of my own. Awesome invention!

Awesome 80's Tunes
Thanks to my sisters for turning me onto this awesome 80's remix album! I can't get enough of these ridiculous toe-tapping tunes from The Lost Fingers. SO good and so funny:)

Awesome Blogs
I subscribe to tonnes of blogs via 'Google Reader' that I check each morning when I boot up the computer. Here are some of my faves from this week:

This Chick Cooks: Can you wash off pesticides?

Health Mad: Benefits of eating Sprouted Food

Wold Fitness Notebook: What muscle does that work?

The Adventure Blog: Mountain Biker vs African Antelope

What blogs do you follow? Would love to hear your faves!

Get out there and enjoy that sunshine!!


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