Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rough Life

It has been a hard but beautiful couple of weeks for me.

I felt way better than anticipated right after the Death Race and had your normal post 125k tired legs for a few days. I went for a bike ride and then a run and was feeling on top of the world. Then I got this little catching pain in my right ankle about 5 days after the race. I have had this once before in the other ankle so no biggie, I thought. I would shake it out and it would go away then I would keep on moving.

14 days later and I am not a happy camper hobbling around on one foot waiting for the other 'foot to drop' so to speak- bringing electifying, breath sucking pain. I can no longer run or ride for fear of it catching and getting stuck out in the woods again. Hopping down steep biking trails for 1.5hours on one leg while in yelping, tear inducing pain is not something I want to relive anytime soon. The mystery continues and I am lucky to have such a compassionate team on my side - thank you to Kim at Ascent Physio and Debbie at Bayview Chiro:) I think my doctor may be joining the team soon...

So that is the hard part.

This is the beautiful part.

Having only one useful leg, has meant more r&r and time on the water for me. I am 'taking care of' my dads kayak (thanks dad!) and loving being on the water for sunrise paddles as often as I can. We live in a bit-o-paradise here and being on the water is a must if you are going to take full advantage of this coastal valley.

My new ride:) Love my little 'Squamish':) Has meant freedom for me over the past couple of weeks:)

New friends- good morning seal collony! You wouldnt believe how cute the babies are!

Had a great weekend of showing off the Valley to visiting family this past weekend...favourite swimming holes, farmers market, boat ride to Tree Island and more...

My final biking attempt for a while, last night above the Dam. Thankfully the fearless leaders were with me on this scouting ride and they kept me company on the long hop down... New trail above the dam! Stay tuned Adventure Runners!

My last attempt running for a while- atop the stairs at Goose Spit! Thank you town of Comox for putting in these 174 fantastic stairs! My Bootcamp participants LOVE them:)))

What a beautiful place:) Rough life, I know! Get out and enjoy it...shake what your momma gave you cause you just never know what tomorrow will bring!



Kathy said...

Hang in there Sarah! This is so like you to find the positive when you are feeling down and out. With your determination you will be back at it soon I have no doubt. For now enjoy your new found adventures and enjoy the more relaxed pace life is presenting. Kathy

Sarah said...

Thanks Kathy:) Life is good and I will still have 2 feet at the end of this so no worries!