Friday, May 20, 2011

Salomon Trail Runner Review

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I should be doing admin work on the computer right now. No scratch that- what I should be doing is playing outside in that sunshine! But, instead, I am procrastinating my tedius small business owner tasks and doing a shoe review instead!

Those who run with me know I am a Salomon trail runner through and through. There are many fantastic trail runners on the market but Salomons fit me just like Cinderella's slipper. And that is really what it is all about- choosing a shoe that: A fits you perfectly and B delivers the goods for the demands you place on it.

I probably started wearing Salomons years ago for the cool toggle-style-quick-lace system:) when I picked up my first pair of XA Pros. Today I have 3 different pairs of Salomons on the go and I thought I would give my thoughts on how they compare on the trails.

Props go to Marc at Valhalla Pure, Courtenay, for giving me a stellar deal on my Salomons and inviting me to trail test the newest shoe in the family: Crossmax.

#1 Crossmax (neutral). This is the first neutral option trail runner put out by Salomon which is perfect for my foot type. You can get them with medial posting for additional pronation control if you like.
What Salomon says:
High mileage training shoe for neutral runners who want one shoe from door to trail.

What I say

These felt like slippers when I put them on and I just knew I had to have them.

Lightest of the 3 styles- feels super fast on non-technical trails.

Socklike fit- ohsocomfy and very low-profile/minimalist feel.

Great forefoot cush that feels great on the pavement and easy to moderately technical trails

Low profile tread- not as agressive as the wings or XA pros

Less stable than the wings or XA pros-feels like you are standing higher up in the shoe with a shallower cup depth.

In summary these are perfect for a fast trail race on low to moderate technical terrain, casual trail runners and those who want one shoe they can run in safely on the road and in the trails. I have been wearing them everyday to work with my clients and teaching my outdoor Bootcamp classes in addition to less technical trail runs. LOVE them.

#2Wings (available in Gortex or regular)
What Salmon says:
Lighter for 2011, this top of the line trail running shoe balances cushioning and agility via Salomon's ACS system.

What I say:

Super all round cushioning in the sole and uppers- great for those prone to injury/impact. Can feel sloppy to someone who isn't used to all the cushioning.

Warm/weather resistant/great winter trail runner. Hot in the summer. Heaviest of the 3.

Aggresive tread- like putting your 'big girl' tires on your mt bike in the muck of winter.

Excellent responsiveness in uber-technical terrain. Low set heel cup combined with sturdy uppers and wicked tread make this a tie with the XA pros for technical terrain.

In summary these are my go-to trail runners for everything and anything. I prefer doing hi-mileage runs in these as they keep my feet and body happy with the extra cush- without compromising on agility/function. LOVE them.

#3 XAPros (available in Gortex or regular)

What Salomon says:
Agile, durable and stable on the most demanding trails, the XA Pro 3D Ultra 2 gets a streamlined profile and improved durability thanks to a new outsole geometry.

What I say
All the same benefits as the Wings but without the same level of cushioning.

These are fast and furious trail shoes that feel much harder under your feet compared to the other two. Trail specific with minimal cushioning can feel abusive on a body that doesn't tolerate high levels of impact. Perfect for those who can handle the force and want to get that 'grip it and rip it' feeling under their feet. Ultimate fast & technical racing shoe.

Lightweight , very breathable and the most cool of the 3 in summer. The non-gortex version dry super fast. The mesh fills up with dust so your toes will get dirty however!

Super agressive tread will literally pull you up the mountains.

Summary- ideal race shoe or perfect shoe for anyone that can handle the impact of limited cushioning. LOVE them.

What trail runners are you loving? I would love to hear your reviews too!

PS ELM Members dont' forget:: Next Weds, May 25th is our semi-annual after hours shopping night at Valhalla! Great deals so you can pick up your own pair of Salomons:)

Happy Trails!


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