Thursday, May 5, 2011

Gear that moves me

Time to kick up some dirt! ELM's popular off road clinics kick off this month:

Adventure Running 1::3 begins tonight at 5:30pm- and this session includes a detailed training program to prepare racers for the Kusam Klimb on June 18th

Off Road Half Marathon training begins May 14th and runs for 14-weeks on Sunday mornings leading up to the Log Train Trail or other race of your liking:)

I am getting geared up for my first Adventure Race of the season- MOMAR Burnaby!! I am not a super huge consumer but there are a few key items that I use day in and day out and I am always thankful to have them with me on my big adventures. Props go out to my favorite gear that moves me::

My new Garmin 405 - from Extreme Runners. GPS, distance, speed, pace, elevation, heart rate, calories you name it it does it.

My 'bike purse'! Seriously this is the best invention since sliced bread! Thanks to my riding buddy Nikki for introducing me to this little unit- can't believe I rode without one! This picture is from MEC but I got mine from Mountain City Cycle in Courtenay.

My Gregory packs - I have a couple of them and just picked up the smallest one (6L) a couple of weeks ago at MEC. LOVE these for a couple of reasons- they fit nice and snug, the ripstop material is super light but super tough AND the best part are the waist pack straps- with little storage compartments for food etc- so you never have to waste time taking off your pack in a race. The best.

My Salomon Trail Runners! I LOVE the cush/response balance of the Wings for long runs and adventure racing (keep my feet warm and pretty much dry). They are great for trekking and running. You can pick them up at Valhalla on 5th in Courtenay.

And of course my fuel of choice- Sarahbars! My take on the amazing LaraBar, I make these in a range of flavors and eat them before during and after my long workouts. I am not sick of them yet! A combo of dates, nuts and various natural flavors these keep me fueled up for the long haul and sit nicely in the belly. Chocolate Chile Lime, Apple Pie, Ginger Snap to name a few..

Pick up a copy of my cookbook NRG to get a copy of the recipe and you can make your own (and save a tonne of money eating naturally:)

OK time to go and play! I am heading to Saturna Island for a girls weekend and a reunion with all of my Rapattack firefighting cats...can't wait! Run, ride, paddle, wine tasting weekend!


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