Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I am not a Ninja

I am not a Ninja. Actually, I have felt more like a Goat Head this past week after letting mother nature beat the crap out of me.

Last Weds I was having WAY too much fun and going WAY too fast on 'Steamdonkey' when I did an endo over my handlebars and went sailing into the salal only to meet up with a hung up log at perfect chest height. Umph. Ever had the wind knocked out of you? I don't recommend ramming chest first into a log, like, ever. After letting out a Friday the 13th scream and scaring the daylights out of my riding buddies, I was left panting like a hyperventilating animal on the side of the trail. The best part was the whiplash and MVA style symptoms I had for the next 5 days. Woah slow down girl!

Then on Saturday mother nature took another punch at me during a wicked 3.5hour mountain run...on the way down our 2nd/3 summits I went over on my left ankle like gumby- but, of course, I am not gumby. Rip...scream...cry. Ouch. It felt really scary bad at the time but eased up after a few minutes and so I was able to finish up the big run. After, however, was another story:) RICE RICE baby!

And so, it took a sprained ankle to get me in the boat but...I went kayaking on Sunday! Woohoo! I know I suck but it was a good reminder of just how bad... and a good motivator to get back in the boat for a few more paddling sessions before MOMAR in May! Too bad we aren't in Squamish again this paddling there! Just dropping off the side of the Chief which is, in my opinion, way less work and way more fun:) LOL bring it!

Hopefully Mother Nature is satisfied...

Limp on,


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