Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunshine and Lolipops

Look outside at that probably ARE outside...unlike me...propped up with an ice pack and popping anti-inflammatories on the couch...feeling just a teeny weeny bit sorry for myself...can you tell? lol:)

I injured my back on Friday at the gym and have been laid up rigamortis style since then. Sometimes even smartie-pants, uber-conservative, safe-progession-focused peeps like me slip up and wind up on the couch.

The ironic part of it all is this...after weeks of sucking-it-up-princess-style weekend workouts in the nastiness of wicked winter weather...the sun comes out in full force, the temperature climbs above 10 and I can't go out and play.

And so, something that never happens, happened. I got to go and CHEERLEAD. That is the great part- I got to go and cheer on the ELM athletes, friends and family who were laying it all down at the Comox Valley Half Marathon.

What a fantastic day for a race...check out my pics below!

Simon Whitfeld pacing with the front of the packers around 4km...

First woman at 4k Super speedy...
A couple of Crowes!
My rat buddy, Ian proves that mountain bikers can run fast too!
ELM Athlete Chris rocking the start...
Dr. John looking great!

Extreme gals V and Cathy looking good!

Superstar ELM'er Kim rocking her first half since becoming a 'supermom'! Yeah Kim!
ELM'er Sarah keeping things in line on the course!
Can't wait to see the results...check back here soon...

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Korky said...

Great pictures! Hope your recovery is speedy!!!