Friday, August 13, 2010


Hola Amigos!

BIG things are in the worx this month and the 'change' is in the air. You know how I know? Three clues:


CRICKETS - oh my.

DEW - yeesh.

That can only mean one thing... but I won't say it out loud...


I have been doing some BIG THINGS.

I will spare you the details of the ELM staff party last friday- but let's just say there were poles involved and I have some BIG BRUISES from the 'fitness' class.

BIG treks/runs with my BIG daypack to get my body tuned up for the BIG trip.

Liz and I scampered up the Boston Ridge Trail last the middle of a cloud...we were completely absolutely entirely soaked through and through. Lovely August day trampling through wet wild blueberries covering a non-existent trail. SO FUN! But we will have to return for a view...

Thumbs up...I think! WET but HAPPY at the top of Mt. Becher after scrambling up the alternate Boston Ridge Route.

I have NEVER seen Liz tired!! BUT HERE IS PROOF - she IS human afterall!

Gorillas in the mist...apparently the views are quite nice...

Nice signage!

There are BIG Things in my garden.
We went to Kelowna on the long weekend and when we came home something insane had happened in our garden...the zucchini's had exploded! WOAH! Grilled zucchini, chocolate zucchini muffins, and pizza loaded with zucchini have been on the menu...


With only 3 weeks to go until the BIG adventure in Peru, it is time to tackle the longest and most frequent hikes of the training program. Volume is UP.
Last Saturday we had our final group training hike up at Mt Washington- heading out to Cruickshank Canyon in our boots and gear. IT RAINED. What seemed like a bummer was actually a blessing as the hikers had a chance to battle the elements and try out their wet weather gear before the real deal next month.
Everyone did amazing. I was so happy to see how strong everyone looked! Their training has paid off and in a few weeks they will get to reap the rewards of their hard work...happy hikers on their 7 day trek in the mountains of Peru!

At the Ranger cabin...

Crossing the creek at Lake Beautiful...

Nice view at our lunch break! LOL...


This weekend brings more BIG adventures for me and all things ELM...
Saturday AM I will be doing a BIG trek once again in the hills above Cumberland this time- with Liz.
Saturday PM I am teaching MOMAR 101 in Cumberland - there is still one spot available if you want to register! This is your chance to learn all of the tricks of the trade as I spill all of my Adventure Racing secrets and give you the upper hand for your next MOMAR!
Saturday PM I will be found bouncing to the house beats in the Teepee tent at the Big Tiime Out in Cumberland! I just snagged a day pass from the good men at SURE Copies- sponsors of the BTO- THANKS SO MUCH!
Sunday AM I will be heading up up up once again for another 4-5hour run/trek with my mountain goat bud Liz...
Sunday PM I will get a rare and special visit from my family who are coming up from Vic to the wilds of Courtenay!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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The Sénéchals said...

Funny how I ran into the SAME thing trying to get to Boston Ridge a few years ago. Look like things haven't change! Except maybe more clear cut?