Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bits and Bites... I'm Baaaaack!


I am back from the beach, back to work & real life and my flip flops are still wet (seriously!). We had an amazing trip and were stoked to see the sun still shining with force in the Comox Valley upon our return. I love September!

I just sent out an e-update with a few important tidbits- but in case you didn't receive it here is a summary:

ELM Fall Programs Start NEXT Week: I have bumped back the deadline for our fall classes by one week (with the exception of Baby Bootcamp which starts this Thursday) which means you still have time to register! You now have until this Thursday, September 23rd to sign up for fall training with ELM in the following programs:

  • Womens Off Road Trail Running: Mondays 9:30am
  • Womens Learn to Run: Tuesdays 5:30pm
  • Fitness Bootcamp: M/W/F evening & T/TH sunrise

Go to www.elmhealth.com or drop off your registration forms at Extreme Runners 436 5th st, Courtenay!


Thursday September 10th around 6pm on the Peckerhead trail one of our Adventure Running groups (9 people) was followed by a cat for approximately 20 minutes before they were finally able to scare it off into the bush. Review the recommended procedures for cat encounters, buddy up, take a cell phone and you can continue to enjoy this wonderful trail network!!


That's right folks, the 10th year anniversary of the MOMAR adventure racing series takes place this Saturday in our very own backyard! Come on out and enjoy the show as 360 racers hit the beach at 9am in Cumberland:) Go to the MOMAR website and look up the Cumberland race to find out where the best spots to view the race will be. The weather looks great!

After being a beach bum for the past 2 weeks I am MORE than tapered for this race...my recent training has consisted of beach walking, looking at cool shells, watching the sunset and drinking baileys every day. I am more than ready...I am beach bum ready!

Should be interesting to say the least...

Have a great week!


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