Thursday, December 27, 2007

Nica Update #1: Little Corn Island

We arrived in Managua, the capitol of Nicaragua (Nica for short) after a long day of planes trains and automobiles. We crashed at a Best Western hotel across the street from the airport and eased into our Central American adventure with some local cervecas- Tona or Victoria are the 2 national beers of choice...and at .50cents to $1 a bottle they ARE cheaper than water! First thing the next morning we hopped back onto a plane (but a little wee one) and took off to the Atlantic coast for 4 days of sun, sand and snorkeling on the carribean island of Little Corn. The photos above summarize our lazy days. The Island is only 1.5km squared so we had pretty much covered every corner by the end of our first day there. Here are the highlights:
  • Stayed right on the beach in a little green hut at 'Carlito's'. Power, private bath $15/night.
  • Coconuts right from the tree every day. Brad mastered the machette and we enjoyed many fresh coconuts with rum and lime on the beach.
  • Fresh fruit for the picking everywhere you turn- coconuts, noni fruit, bananas, limes, oranges, papayas and starfruit! Sadly the mangoes were finished before we arrived.
  • Miles of caribbean white sandy beaches sheltered by swaying palm trees...
  • Shallow reef surrounded the island on 3 sides creating a snorkeling paradise! No need to pay for diving as the snorkeling was just as good. Little angel fish, jack fish, big baracudas and even an up close encounter with a 3 or 4 foot shark!!
  • No cars, or motorized vehicles on the island as there are no roads and islanders get around by foot or bicycle on dirt paths that criss cross the island.
  • Breakfast at Casa Iguana high above the sea perched on a cliff...Gallo Pinto (typical Central American meal of rice and beans and sometimes coconut milk) plantains, huevos, Ilzano green sauce (we got so addicted to this that we brought home a 1 litre bottle) and of course a giant bowl of fresh fruit and local Nica coffee....mmmmm a daily ritual.
  • Nightly seafood feasts caught fresh from the sea that day- conch, lobster, snapper, crab, shrimp, tuna and more!
  • Climbing to the highest point on the Island-the radar tower- for a 360 view of the entire island...dizzing and a wee bit scary to say the least...
  • Cribbage and cuba libre's every night...
  • Walking the jungle paths and covering every square inch of the island on foot...discovering remote beaches, fruit trees, local colour and paradise in general.
  • The 'ferry' trip back and forth to Big Corn...when the locals put on life jackets you know it isn't good...

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