Sunday, October 21, 2007

Favorite Tunes Today

Maybe you don't really want to know this seems like a very BLOG thing to do are my favorite MUST hear tunes today. These are songs/artists I have been playing over and over on my iPod when I am driving around all day or on my way for a bike ride etc...they pick me up and keep me bopping along regardless of the weather or what life throws my way. Go check them out on itunes...
Xavier Rudd. Can't believe I just discovered this great! Cross between Paul Simon and Ben Harper
The Shins. Old school euro sound that is light and it in the car.
Kings of Convenience. Same idea but more Grapes of Wrath meets Jack Johnson somehow.
Garden State Soundtrack...anything here goes and you will find the Shins and KOC on this starpick of mine...always a classic.
And for those high energy fixes needed for vacuuming and cleaning windows...
Nelly Furtado's new disc. Promiscuous...Man Eater...etc...c'mon you can admit it is growing on you:)
What are your fav's for high energy?? email me:

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