Sunday, October 21, 2007

1 Week to Persevere...

Rain Rain Rain! That is fall for you and it is time to get wet and go jump in some gooey mud puddles! Nothing makes you appreciate that hot shower and steaming mug of tea more than a good romp out in the rain. Don't be won't melt I promise! Just grab the right gear and be sure to have some warm dry clothes in your car (and dry shoes) and you will be so happy to got out and played in the rain this fall!

Only 1 week to go until our annual Perseverance Trail Run: October 28th, 2007, Sunday 11:00am race start at Miners Park in Cumberland. This is a fundraiser for the Cumberland Community Forest us help them purchase and protect the forest for the future!! You appreciate like to walk, hike, bike in the want to preserve these special green spaces for the future so...please get involved! This is a joint venture with ELM and Extreme Runners and we are very passionate about it as you may have guessed by now. So, check out this link and hopefully we shall see you in Cumberland next Sunday!


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