Saturday, May 26, 2007


Well, I think I should bring you up to date on how the spring has been and then we will go from there. April was...

Gutbuster at Royal Roads adventure to say the least!

Mar 26/07 - A-CHANNEL TV -- Click here to view last news clip from the GutBuster at Royal Roads. Check out the photos on the Gutbuster website and read my post traumatic play by play if you missed it.

Karen McKinnon started capturing our participants:
Brenda Dean: "Tennis Bag" workin hard on her gym routine. Brenda is on her way to the Provincials in a couple of weeks and she has been working like a dog on the court and in the gym! Good work Brenda!
Karen McKinnon has been taking some fantastic photos of our classes and participants. She will continue to capture the action throughout the spring...Check out Karens blog @

Womens 10k Clinic April 07

And be sure to check the ELM photo gallery on the website in the coming weeks as I post additional photos there...

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Yan and Kim Senechal said...

Welcome to the blogging world Sarah! I will check back often. Congrats on the MOMAR as well :) You rock!