Thursday, December 8, 2016

Holiday Fit Gift Guide!

Need some ideas for under the tree this year?  We've got you covered!  Give the gift of health and an experience that will change the lives of your loved ones in a positive way(or yourself!).  Cheers to less stuff and more experiences!  Here are some ideas to get your inner Clause inspired:

Fitness Newbie

  • Fit & Free Journey! Start the year off right with this progressive, 12-week health journey for their body and mind.  Winter Journey starts January 2nd- early bird ends Dec 19th!
  • Team ELM Online!  This is the perfect stocking stuffer for someone who is looking for support with their health goals in 2017.  Join Coach Sarah online every week in this group, online coaching platform filled with training advice, inspiration and support. Monthly or yearly subscription available.
  • 10K- Learn to Run 10K clinic!  Feb-April, 2017
  • 3 Session 'Start Up' Training Package with Sarah Seads!  Get them started on the right foot with a personalized training program prescribed just for them and their needs.
  • Fresh Air Fitness! This walking based outdoor fitness program is for EVERbody!  12 week session starts January 9th.

Running Rockstar

  • 2017 ELM Trans Rockies Run Team!  Give the gift of adventure to the runner in your life and send them to Colorado for the Trans Rockies Staged Race in August.  20-week Training Plan begins in March.
  • 2017 ELM Ultra Team!  Do you have a budding Ultramarathon runner in your life?  Give them the gift of coaching support to ensure they succeed with their 2017 ultra goals!  
  • Need for Speed!  Give the gift of speed with this specialized, results based, group Running Clinic- available both in person and online!  Starts January 4th.
  • Running Analysis!  Help your runner reach their running goals in 2017 by setting them up for success with this specialized analysis with Coach & Kinesiologist Sarah Seads.  Identify energy leaks, decrease risk of injury and learn corrective exercises to build a stronger, more resilient runner!
Or...let them choose with an ELM Gift Certificate!  Give us a shout and we can get a gift together for you in time for the holidays:)

If your loved ones have goals, we have a gift for them and would love to support them on their 2017 journey!!
Sarah and the ELM Team

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