Sunday, February 8, 2015


Some days you have to dig way down into your bag of tricks.

I see beauty in a grey, dripping sky.  I feel life in an ice fed river.  I let out giggles while slipping and falling on wet, slushy snow. 

For me, there will always be a deep gratitude and comfort in the the discomfort.  The pain in my lungs and burn in my legs are sensations that I will be forever grateful for.  The chance to move my body over mountains, through rivers and alongside nature is truely a gift.  When the conditions spiral downward I dig my hands deep into my pockets and hold on to what I know is true.  I know not suffering, but life at its fullest.

Ok...ok...except when it's reeeeeeeally cold and I can't feel my hands or my feet...and then I just stop thinking and start dreaming of hot showers and salted hot chocolate and curling up under warm blankets in front of the wood stove at home.  I am flesh and blood after all✌️😉.

Happy Trails!

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