Friday, July 25, 2014

Videos: FRIDAY! Film Fest!

Happy Happy Mid Summer Friday people!

I hope that you have a weekend of fun adventures planned like I do;).  Here are some fun video's to help you get in the mood for FUN!
Happy Trails,

Cyanide & Happiness : The Rope.  OK let's start with a little naughty humor shall we?  You may have seen this a while back, but it is always good for another laugh;0.  Warning: contains some, um, colourful language...but it IS funny!!!  Thanks to The Adventure Blog for sharing this one.

BC Bike Race 2014 Crew Video: Happy!  Awesome wrap up video to get your toe tapping and your hands clapping:)

Pet's interupting Yoga.  I've saved the best for last...From Huffington Post Funny.  I am not one who sits through animal videos...but this one is actually awesome.  Watch it and just try NOT to smile! 

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