Friday, May 2, 2014

Videos: Weekend Film Fest!

I have trail running on my mind, in my heart and under my sneakers this week:)  So, here are a few great little running videos to inspire you!  No matter who you are...where you run...or how far along you are on your own running journey.  Don't be afraid to share our weekend film fest videos with anyone you think may enjoy them!

Happy Trails!

What Moves You: A Running Story c/o Outside Magazine.
Sorry I can't get this video to you will have to actually 'click the link''s worth it...goosebumps...go can do it...move your mouse up's right... 

Another great one (that you HAVE TO CLICK cuz it's worth it I promise!) via Outside Magazine, featuring Ultramarathon Runner Geoff Rose... Two of my favourite quotes:: 'I gotta go run that'...'I'm out there to get lost in the mountains' too bro;)

Trail Running Inspiration from


"Into the Light', the latest episode from Salomon Running TV, featuring Emelie Foresberg...awesome.

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