Friday, February 21, 2014

Videos: Friday Film Fest!

It's Friday!!!!!  
Time to sit back, clock off and watch these awesome videos for some weekend inspiration!  Enjoy and have a great weekend!

How the Wolves of Yellowstone Park Changed the Rivers.  If you haven't seen this one yet, it is worth a few minutes of your time.  Beautiful scenery and a reminder about how interconnected all living things on this earth really are... Thanks to the Adventure Blog for sharing.

Help save the Cumberland Community Forest!  The video is ready for you to watch and share:)  Do you use the forest?  Let's buy this special place!!  From the CCFS website and created by Fox &Bee.

Sweet Island Singletrack from Cameron Belisle-O-Donnell via NSMB.  In case you need some help remembering what singletrack dirt looks like with all the snow in Cumberland...

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