Tuesday, August 13, 2013

You know you're a runner when...

This past Sunday some of our ELM Members completed the River Run Half Marathon Challenge- our annual Members only 1/2 marathon event that follows the beautiful Puntledge River for, well, 21.1kms.  They did absolutely awesome!  Along the way we played a little game to pass a few of the early miles...if you are a runner you know what I mean about playing games to pass miles...and you  may have even played this one...

You know you're a runner when... (fill in the blank)...

Here are a few of my faves that our River Runners came up with on Sunday:).  Can you relate?  Are YOU a runner?

...you know what a fartlek is.

...you know that body glide isn't from the naughty shop.

...you can farmer blow on the move.

...you know how to spell plantar fasciitis.

...you have more runners than dress shoes.

...you know the exact distance from your house well, pretty much anywhere up to 10k away...

...you prefer to pee in the woods.

...you carry baby wipes in your car.

...you arrange your weekend plans around your Sunday runs.

...you are already planning your next race before you have exited the finish chute of your current one.

...you have lost a toenail.

Add to the list!  How do YOU know you're a runner??

Happy Trails!

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