Monday, July 15, 2013

MOMAR 101: Where the heck am I?

Declination...Catch Features...Never Eat Shredded Wheat......Body Glide...Bonking...Happy Food...Blisters...

What do these things all have in common?  They are all covered in MOMAR 101!  

I had a great time teaching the newest batch of 14 keen students the in's and out's of Adventure Racing at this weekends MOMAR 101 clinic.  This is my favourite clinic to teach because I get to talk about Adventure Racing for 4 people who actually want to hear about it lol!

I only wish this course existed back when I did my first the fall of 2003 in Cumberland!  Yes that's right I just realized I have been MOMARing for 10 years this year!!  I made every mistake in the book with my friend Sue that year...and managed to make even more since then!  I have no idea how many MOMAR's I have completed but I had a look back through MOMARs 'memories' blog post and see that I have been on the podium 12 times and won the solo female category 10 times - so at least I have learned from my mistakes (well, some of them) over the years!  

Multi-day staged races, through the night races, teams of 2, teams of 4, solo, rappelling, kayaking, biking, bonking, cramping, laughing, almost crying, amazing adventures amongst supernatural scenery and fantastic race friends...I am still as passionate about Adventure Racing as I was in the beginning (maybe more:) and I love having the opportunity to share my race experience with the next batch of adventure seekers:)

MOMAR (and 101) sold out early this year- and not by accident.  This event is one of the very best I have ever participated in and the best value for your race dollar out there.  Top notch race staff, amazing volunteers, seamless race logistics/racer support, great swag, ridiculous prizes, full weekend from Friday night registration through to the post race dinner banquet and dance party this is one of the best events out there.  If you didn't get in this year, be sure to sign up early for 2014 so you don't miss out again!

 We had sunny skies and the best 'classroom' ever:)

 A first look at the MOMAR map from left to right:  'Ummmm...OK I see my house...Can I get one in English?'

 Learning to orient the map and find north!

 HACCing our way through the woods - and I see these students are 'thumbing' along- nice work!

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