Monday, March 19, 2012

Going WAY Back..


This weekend the ELM Fearless Leaders organized a 'surprise' ELM 10 Year Anniversary party for me, spearheaded by super party planner Kathy Campbell. I am one lucky girl:) Surrounded by all my favourite people for a night of warm words, belly laughs, tears of joy, and tales from years gone eyes are still welling up!

THANK YOU to everyone who came to celebrate and for all of your support, love and friendship over the years. I am forever grateful to have created ELM 10 years ago... Starting a business in 2001 to share my passion and create a job for a Kinesiologist in this small town... I could never have known how many amazing friends I would make and how many wonderful journeys we would all take together...

As you all said to me this weekend...thank you for the past 10 years of inspiration, adventures and friendship! And cheers to the next 10...

Kathy & Lynn opened up their closets to count out their ELM shirts from the past 10 years...many more were passed along so this is just a sampling! Wowee!

And I have been reminicsing all morning...digging through my old photos and scanning the prints! No online records or images from the early years- that dates us!

We spent quite a while trying to figure out who was in our very first ELM Wild Women Running Clinic back in 2002... was it this group? Was it the 10K Country Roads OR was it a Learn to Run clinic? If you know the answer help us settle this one!

Here is one of our first 10k winter clinics... 2003 February I think? Running the clinics out of Extreme Runners with their friendship and support since the beginning!

Our first Need for Speed clinic participants in the fall of these smiling faces...what a strong team you girls were!

We had a tie breaker question for our ELM Trivia competition at the party and I asked: Which current ELM friend was in the first ELM Bootcamp class in 2002? I thought it was Cindy S (below) and awarded the prize accordingly... BUT this morning going through my old photos I realize I was mistaken! This photo- above- is of a few of our participants in our very first Bootcamp class in spring 2002! The Comox Valley got their very first taste of Fitness Bootcamp after my sister in Victoria inspired me to bring this style of program to the mid/north Island! Thanks to my big sister for the great has been a wild 10 years of ELM Outdoor Bootcamp!

One of our first Bootcamp classes! Do you see yourself in there? Spring of 2003 down at Simms Park Courtenay! Seems like yesterday...

What the heck is next?... You tell me! ELM has always been steered in partnership with YOUR ideas, dreams and goals... Can't wait to see where this big adventure will take us all over the next 10 years...



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I see myself! Congrats on the 10 years! Woohoo.