Monday, November 1, 2010

Perseverance Pics!

WOOHOO! It was an amazing day for a fall trail run and 215 racers came out to Persevere at the 2010 race in Cumberland BC!

Full race report, photos and results to come on the website...soon! Here are some great pics to tide you over...

Mooooooooooover people! These cows were udderly ridiculous and actually quite fast on the 10k course! These heffers took the prize in the costume contest - a fresh baked apple pie...cowpie!

215 racers, fans and volunteers head down to the race start from No. 6 Mine Park...sunshine!

10k racers getting ready to rock the 10.7k mountain run...

Runnaway bride Lisa, looks beautiful on her wedding a drop of mud on her dress after the race!

Lo Lanning, sweeper and equipment volunteer superstar, actually ran the entire course dressed up like a tree. She made quite a statement (and probably got chaffed in the process)...

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