Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Good Things...

Happy Wednesday!

I have been struggling to post photos on this blog for days now...random error messages are interfering! And so, I think the photos are finally working! And a blog about FOOD really does not taste the same without photos...

Last week I went crazy in the kitchen one afternoon and made a few of my favorite nutrient dense foods...
Sarah Bars: (like Lara Bars...but homemade:). These are the perfect travel snack, breakfast on the go, afternoon fuel, biking bar. Just nuts, dried fruit and your favorite flavors. I made the Apple Pie Bars loaded with dried apple, lemon and cinnamon. Mmmm. You can find this recipe in my cookbook: NRG. Cut into bars and store in the freezer for a quick and delicious boost when you need it most!
NRG BALLS. The best. Period. Well...Dodge Balls out at Tarbells in Cumberland are pretty darn good too... I played with this recipe for ages until I came up with a nice mix of soft, crunchy, chewy and sweet. This batch has cranberries, white chocolate and dried apricots along with the usual base of nuts, oats, pb etc. YUMMY. Roll, freeze, pop one in your mouth when you need it!

THAI RICE PUDDING. Not the type you remember from your childhood either. Whenever I have left over rice I jump at the chance to make rice pudding- it is the perfect breakfast or pre-workout fuel combining whole grain rice, with proteins (nuts and egg) and dried fruit. This batch was made with Red Thai Rice, Cocounut milk, raisins and walnuts. I added some Garam Masala spice mix to make it that much more exotic (Indias version of our apple pie spices). YUM.


I shared my NRG balls with my newest group of clients...ELM WOMEN PERU 2010 crew! We had our first official meeting this past Saturday including an introductory hike, training program review and Gear Talk at Valhalla Pure in Courtenay. The trip training is officially underway and in 6 months these 12 ladies will be heading to Peru for an amazing trek to Machu Picchu. So exciting!


Progress is coming with the ankle/achilles issue! Sunday I could only walk to 15 minutes...but by Monday I could ROCK 4minutes to 1minute four times. I ran a total of 4 minutes! And the good news, things have loosened up even more since that ROCK. Today I am going to give it another go with the ROCK and see where I am at. Hopefully I will be back to running by the end of the week! In the mean time...ride on...


We are heading to Vic this weekend for B-day festivities, family visits, spring greetings and coffee walks through the park. I am going to ride the first Island Cup XC Mountain bike race in the series too. It is at the Hartland dump trails on Sunday... Should be interesting to say the least! This will be my 3rd bike race ever and I am looking forward to getting my arse kicked. FUN to go into the unknown...

Happy Trails!


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