Sunday, September 30, 2007

And the Winner Is...

Bryan Tasaka: MOMAR organizer aka TopDog

Here are some pics from last nights MOMAR awards party up at Mt. Washington..
Lot's of Valley locals were representing on the podium!

Team of 2 Female: Second Place at right Pascale and Melanie!!! First place in centre MOMAR 101 students!!! Way to go Girls!

Team of 2 Co-Ed: Margarite and Stan...wooohooo 3rd place!

Solo Female: There I am!

Race times were posted and I was stoked to see my breakdown of stage times were all faster than last year and I shaved off nearly 45minutes too! Even without a rudder I managed to paddle about 20 minutes faster on the kayak leg...maybe that rudder really does slow you down...

But the BIG news is...I won the sweetest drawprize ever....A custom bike frame valued at $1500 from Berg Bikes!!!! Check out my buddy Al Bergmans website fmi... (Berg Bikes)

Talk about horseshoes...time to go get some lottery tickets!

So, I will post more photos once the MOMAR website is updated...stay tuned!



Karen said...

Nice one! Winning draw's is a lovely random gift isn't it. Well deserved - see you soon

Sarah said...

Hey Karen! I know...what a bonus! That really tops off my racing season:) Can't wait to start building my new bike:)

Cindy said...

Thats my mentor! Way to go Sarah. Your so modest but I knew you were going to win if you stayed healthy! Cheers - you deserve that bike for all the hard work you do, keeping yourself and others like myself motivated and in great health.